Online Lesson through Skype

  • Learn at your own pace, at your own rhythm, from or away from your office.
  • Material provided by the teacher (not included in the course price).
  • If other book needed, additional fees may apply.

Italian Lesson

  • For children and adults
  • How to speak this musical language to express yourself when on holidays, on a business trip or just to meet Italian native speakers.

Yoga for Children

  • In French or in English
  • Learn a language by moving
  • Trainee at “Groovy kids, yoga teacher training”  with Greville Henwood in 2015 in Zurich

“Lover of this discipline I have been practicing for a number of years”. After passing a yoga teacher training for children two years ago, I now teach yoga for children in the most joyful way.

Yoga gives quick benefits and practicing it in another language gives children the opportunity to learn language better, quicker and in a dynamic way.

Literary Café Time Offer

Do you like to read and share your opinions, ideas, interpretations of a book? Choose a French author you like with your teacher and let’s meet once a month in a nice little cafe in Zurich to discuss the book together. We choose an extract you or I have suggested and talk about it while having a nice espresso and croissant.

You must enrol to the literary cafe 3 days before the literary café starts at the latest. The literary café can last between 1.5 hour to 2.5 hours.
Participation fees per person: 20 francs (coffee or tea not included).

Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas!