Price by Services

  • Children ( private): 50 Sfr/hour
  • Children (group) from 3 children: 20 Sfr/hour and per child
  • Students (private):
    • Gymansium, 55-60 Sfr/hour
    • University, 60-65 Sfr/hour (depending on the level)
  • Adults (private): 70 Sfr/hour, Zurich and near surroundings
  • Online (Skype lessons): 45-50 Sfr/ hour

* Additional cost in case of long distance travel (outside Zurich)
* Schedule could be agreed accordingly, flexibility guaranteed.
* If any student should decide to come to my home for lessons between an hour to 3 hours per week, the price will be reduced (for instance, if a lesson costs 60 Sfr/hour, 10 francs will be drawn out from this amount)

Price by Package

    • Corinne’s private French lessons are scheduled at various time of the week with maximum flexibility and convenience.
    • Duration of a class is minimum 60 minutes up to your personal need, intensive classes could also be done (2 or 3 hours a day for instance).
    • Abo or Packages of 10-15 hours are available. The hourly rate will be reduced accordingly to the number of hours you take.
    • Packages remain valid for a determined period, 3 months from the date of issue.
    • The cost includes the trip, the lesson except if the lesson is outside Zurich, additional fare cost will be added (normally 10 to 20 Sfr)
    • Packages for private or companies
      • Package of 10 hours: 650 Sfr
      • Package of 15 hours: 900 Sfr (60 francs per hour)
    • Packages for students (university or gymnasium)
      • Package of 10 hours : 550 Sfr
      • Package of 15 hours : 825 Sfr

* All packages are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
* Please, consider a reschedule of your lesson to do within 24 hours to avoid being charged at the regular rate.